Tuesday, July 22, 2014

World + Dog Embrace DevOps - here are some references on how to do it right

The guys who wrote The Visible Ops Handbook - an indispensable ops book - wrote a novel called The Phoenix Project, about DevOps.
I have a hard time taking a novel about DevOps seriously - I like my fiction and IT guides in their own formats. So I haven't read Phoenix Project.

However, Gene Kim was kind enough to put out resource-guide blog posts, so I can avoid the whole ops-case-study-novelization conundrum.  And you can too.
  1. http://itrevolution.com/learn-more-about-concepts-in-phoenix-project/
  2. http://itrevolution.com/resource-guide-for-the-phoenix-project-kanbans-part-2/
  3. http://itrevolution.com/audit-101-for-devops-resource-guide-for-the-phoenix-project-part-3-correctly-scoping-it-using-gait-and-gait-r/

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